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Official Android design guidelines

Vertically scrolling grid list items are sorted in traditional western reading direction: left-to-right and top-down. When displaying the list, cut off the items in the bottom row to communicate that the user can scroll the list down to show additional items. Be sure to retain this scheme when the user rotates the screen.

Finally out… It took Google just 3+ years to get their official Android design guide lines out.

The new site covers everything you as an Android UI designer or developer needs to be aware of when you design and develop your application user interface.

The site is divided into different sections that cover their creative vision:

“Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) marks a major milestone for Android design. We touched nearly every pixel of the system as we expanded the new design approaches introduced in Honeycomb tablets to all types of mobile devices. Starting with the most basic elements, we introduced a new font, Roboto, designed for high-resolution displays. Other big changes include framework-level action bars on phones and support for new phones without physical buttons.”

These design principles were developed by and for the Android User Experience Team to keep users’ best interests in mind. Consider them as you apply your own creativity and design thinking. Deviate with purpose.

A good section on the site is the Building blocks section that gives you an overview of all the built in controls that you have  The only thing I am missing is a link to how to use these controls. That would have been useful.

The Patterns section gives you a nice overview on how you better can arrange your app, how gestures work, how to use notifications and how to make your app compatible with more devices and form factors.

Getting started? The Android Design site should be your first mandatory stop on your way to create an app.



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  1. […] out… It took Google just 3+ years to get their official Android design guide lines out. Link – Trackbacks Posted in User experience (UX) | Permalink. ← most #usability […]

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