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A bright new future

This fall and winter is truly filled with joy for me! I’ve quit my job at Creuna as Chief Consultant Mobility tostart up my own company.

I’ve partnered up with a friend of mine that  did the same in his job, as CEO of Bonnier Media in Norway. Together we’ve started  Appaloosa AS. His expertise is his background in magazine publishing as journalist, editor and business development.

I have for a long time felt that It’s about time to do something on “my own”. That is what I am most comfortable with and enjoy most. I am not saying that working for others has been bad because it hasn’t. I’ve learned a lot and met a lot of people that has become friends, partners and customers, but still, it’s the “be your own boss, do your own thing” I’ve been missing,  and the fact that all I really have done, is trying to make money for some faceless share holders and board also played a role.

So, what will we do? Firstly with our deep “roots” in the publishing business we’ll take our knowledge of content, magazine publishing and technology and offer solutions for digital magazine publishing that doesn’t have a starting cost of $500k. There’s a framework for that, and you most probably have the design skills to do it your self. We’ll teach you about the framework and how to use it, tell you what our experience has thought us about design and layout of tablet content, and then if you need it create some custom code should you want or require it.

The second thing we will be doing is to develop applications for mobile devices, smart phones and tablets based on Android, iOS and Windows.  Android and iOS devices has more or less shared the smart phone and tablet market among themselves so any product provider and/or service provider needs to at least target those two platforms. Traditionally in most app development companies that means a development cost calculation that more or less looks like this “((hours for dev on first platform cost) x 2) – 10% = A lot of money and duplicate application code. If you later  find out that the new Windows Phone devices has taken a third of the market, you need to add the another 90%. In Appaloosa we have decided that it is the features of an application and its ecosystem requirements that decides what development environment to use, but we will as far as possible advice our customers to use cross-platform frameworks like PhoneGap or mono to develop their solutions to save both time and money when there is no technical reason not to use them. 95% of all applications that are being developed for tablets and smart phones will never  meet performance issues that justify the doubled or tripled development cost.

To learn more about the open source framework PhoneGap visit their website. mono is a different kind of framework that let’s you share back end code between platforms and then develop custom UI for each platform, that way you preserver the uniqueness of each platform – it’s user interface. To read more aboutMonoTouch for iOS and Mono for Android visit the Xamarin website.

For developers that want to check out mono I’ve linked to a NDC 2011 season by Jonas Follesø here.

I am really looking forward to spend more time doing development also, I’ve missed it.

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