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History repeats itself

It has been interesting to follow the tech news press lately. The glamour of Apple iProducts is beginning to fade and attentions is turend towards their competitors that not only have caought up with Apple in the mobile technology race, but many have also surpassed Apple by being more innovative and having superior hardware specs in their devices.

By that intro I am by no means saying that Apple is dead or doomed, It’s just that it sort of reminds me of  the PDA market 15 some years ago. In 1993 Apple was the first company to use the term Personal Digital Assistant. The launched their first PDA – the Newton MessagePad. The first ever electronic address book and calendar that used a stylus (pen) for entering text input. The Newton MessagePad was hip, cool and priced way beyond what most people could afford :) At the end of it’s life in 1998 the cool, hip and innovative was more or less outdated and made uncool by competitors with a lot more computing power and features. Being technologically outrun by competitors Apple left the PDA market and killed off the whole NewtonOS brand.

In 2007 Apple  introduced it’s very first Apple iPhone, with it’s unique iPhone OS, bringing never before seen usability and capabilities from a mobile phone. I was an instant success, everyone wanted one, and it was cool, hip and priced beyond what many people could afford. In 2011 the iPhone is under fierce competition, mostly with phones running AndroidOS from Google. The Android phones are from a tech spec point of view becoming way more advanced and have superior tech specs. More and more analyst’s are predicting the “age of apple” as a market leader is behind us .

In 2012 the lifespan of the iPhone has reached the same age as Newton had when it died. In 2012 Nokia will start to roll out their Windows Phone 7 devices and the Android devices will have become even more sophisticated.

How many more iPhones will come?


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