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Android Virus alert: ANDROIDOS_GEINIMI.A

Trend Micro detected a new backdoor virus for Android OS on  January 1st. They have flagged the backdoor as noteworthy due to the increased potential for damage, propagation, or both, that it possesses.

ANDROIDOS_GEINIMI.A may arrive bundled with legitimate applications. Analysis of its code reveals that it is capable of doing a number of routines to an infected smart phone where the Android OS is installed. These routines include enumerating installed packages and applications on the phone. It also installs, runs, and downloads other applications. It also retrieves the phone’s GPS coordinates. It parses through saved contact information as well as messages in the email and phone inbox and may be unknowingly downloaded by a user while visiting malicious websites.

It executes commands from a remote malicious user, effectively compromising the affected system.

As long as Google continues to sport the “oh-so-open” attitude to Android, and as long as it’s being used on devices that are very much private to the owner, it will never ever be trustworthy. Having a virus installed that uploads your most private mobile snapshots and videos? Could Android be taken serious as a mobile payment platform with NFC when any two bit no good “1337” can write malicious code that scan and monitor your phone’s activity?

I wouldn’t trust talking into a phone like that, let alone log on to my bank or use it as a NFC device. Best buy yourself some anti-virus/anti-malware software first. This is I think, the third or fourth malware/virus threat reported on Android in less than a year – it is concerning.

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