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What’s tweetin´2010

As the year is closing and it’s time to sum up the trend year on twitter and mobility. Through Twitter the following is the top ten list of technology tweets of 2010.

  • Apple iPad
  • Google Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Apple iPhone
  • Call of duty – Black Ops
  • New Twitter
  • HTC
  • RockMelt
  • Macbook Air
  • Google Instant

Apple has placed itself firmly on the top as a mastodon of new and exciting technology with iPad tweets ranked as number 6 in the overall 2010 tweet trends and having 4/10 spots on the top ten list. Google Android is ranked as number seven on the overall and number 2 on technology trends.

The complete list can be read here in “Top Twitter Trends in 2010“.

Totally unrelated YouTube rewinds and fastforward up the year in this manner

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