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App Hub cross platform framework

Just found a very anonymous web page at the address

It’s a single page with a logo that in two lines say it’s a cross-platform, app-store ready mobile application development . Build iPhone, Google Android and Windows Phone 7 applications in HTML and JavaScript.

There’s an option to enter your email address to become a beta tester, but i’m not sure i trust it for some reason… Searching google for “App Hub HTML javascript” gives you no relevant hits or give you any clues to what this could be, neither does a search on xda-developers.

Is it a scam to harvest email addresses for developers? The domain is registered to Artur Piankevich in Belarus. I’ll send an email to the contact information and ask what it is..

Will update as soon as i get a response.

Just received a short email from the domain owner. He has recently been hired by an US company that develops the same sort of tool and will be closing down the site.
Would have been interesting to see what he had developed. I am also curious about the US company :) what do they have that PhoneGap doesn´t? The Windows Phone 7 bits?

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  1. Thanks Alexander.
    Gotta love that logo though.



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