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Microsoft and AT&T presents Windows Phone 7

I’ve been watching the joint press conference in New York where Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 and the 9 devices that will be ready for launh day in the beginning of November (I think Steve Ballmer mentioned November 8th). All of the 9 devices looked great! loved them.. Ballmer also mentioned that of the devices, from DELL – he characterized it as “rugged”. Really looking forward to seeing this one.

The HTC Surround phone with built in Dolby Surround speakers built in (slide up) looks really cool.

Here’s a image gallery of the phones presented at

A video stream of the press conference will be made available at pretty soon.

And yes… copy and paste will be available on the phone in what looks to be the first update, in early 2011.

But this is all for those lucky ones living in an area that Microsoft plans to support. Here in Norway we still have no release date for Xbox Live, Zune or Marketplace witch quite effectively renders the phone useless. I do hope that LG and HTC  that plans to sell phones here from November adjust their expectations with that in mind…

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