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I can’t afford to go from iPhone to Android or WinPhone

I just went through the invoices  from my  iTunes store account.  Browsing through, it shows me that I must be willing to waste (a lot of) money to go for any other mobile platform.

Looking through all of my purchases from when I got my first iPhone in January 2008. From then until now I’ve spent about NOK 5 000,- on apps (about $870 USD) and NOK 500,- ($87 USD) on music. Getting an iPad didn’t help me save on app purchases either.

Imagine if I now go and buy myself a Windows Phone or Android device… all this software will become useless to me… wasted money….

In that way Apple, by giving me the opportunity to buy apps for my phone has effectively made me completely voluntarily locked me to their platform. Had my purchases been transferable, i.e – If i could transfer purchases to my wife or son’s iTunes account the money wouldn’t have been wasted…

Brilliant business strategy!

All made possible by myself, and the real value for the “first mover” in the market. People will hesitate before they think about moving from one platform to another knowing what non-transferable value they “throw away”.

A bit sad.. I’d really like to go for one of the new Windows Phone devices….

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