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Galaxy Tab device review and impressions from AppWorks

On Tuesday October 19th. the first ever AppWorks mobile conference took place at Latter, Aker Brygge in Oslo. My first impression was that this can become a good arena to talk about mobility. Besides mobility sessions there was a small exhibition area an on display Samsung, LG and Nokia had stands. I got the opportunity to try the LG Windows Phone 7 model that is coming to shops in Norway early November and also got to try the Samgung Galaxy Tab that is ready for shops.

The Galaxy Tab felt quite nice. It was responsive and fitted easily into my hand and the applications that Samsung had installed on the display device looked nice. The only real problem I have with it is that it is too small… As I’ve said earlier in my blog, a 7-inch screen is just too small. I’ve got an 4-inch screen phone and a 10-inch screen iPad, the size difference feels more natural, and is a reasonable reason to upgrade, placing a 7-inch screen in between a 4 inch mobile and a 13-inch laptop just does not feel natural. They’ve should have made it a 10-inch’er.

In my opinion, the value of the Galaxy Tab is strongest in it’s potential for being a enterprise device. The size and weight of it makes it an ideal work device for service personnel, for data gathering, in the health sector and

Android as a platform is set to be a strong contender in the enterprise market. It’s openness and flexibility makes it easy to use for businesses that want custom LOB (Line of business) applications without the constraints found in other platforms of today. The enterprise cannot use platforms that require applications to be submitted to appstore’s for approval, or need expensive enterprise licenses for in house application distribution. The Galaxy Tab and Android solves this.

As a home user i still think you’d rather use your laptop for browsing than using the Galaxy. I get the same feeling as a home user now about the Galaxy as i did ten years ago, when i bought my first HP iPaq H5400 PDA. Nice, fun, but what value does it bring me?

Norwegian newspaper VG has also tested the Galaxy and rated it with 5 of 6 on the dice..The only drawback they found about Galaxy as a web surfing device was its screen size. Not really sure what the reviewer have used it for and what a 5/6 rating originates in, but it shines through that he or she is already very fond of Android.

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One Response to “Galaxy Tab device review and impressions from AppWorks”

  1. Heming Leira says:

    the value i hope it will bring is the possibility to only bring with me one unit.
    And the size fits in to a jacket so a dont need to bring with me a bag. I look forward to using it.


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