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JavaME back on track?

A few day ago Thomas Kurian of Oracle held his Keynote at JavaOne2010. Apart from the general “java-will-become-even-more-world-dominant” there was some announcements for the future of JavaME, The (quite useless) mobile/device version of Java.

The plans for Java ME is to let the stack render HTML, CSS, and Javascript by default. Java ME is going to include WebKit Engine, JavaScript Engine, and Java/JavaScript Bridge, which will mean phones running future versions of Java ME can access web services and apps outside of a browser and – potentially – without any performance bugs or performance issues.

The engine will plug into the Java ME virtual machine and into Java FX.

Oracle’s Java ME engine will make use of what modern graphics hardware accelerators can do in term of (60 frames/s) rendering of 2D and 3D.” (Direct X from Microsoft for Windows in addition to OpenGL or “better”). Java ME is going to be optimized for the ARM7 and ARM9 chipsets licensed by handset component makers Broadcom, Samsung, NEC, Texas Instruments, and others with the stack also updated to include APIs that take advantage of phone features such as payment, telephony, and location.

Sounds good and just might be what Nokia needs, but will it make java developers  finally incorporate usability into their apps? A more complete announcement list can be found here: got an article in Norwegian here:

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