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In search for tablet magazine platforms

I am currently looking into publishing platforms and/or frameworks for tablets, currently that means for the iPad. What I am not looking for is this, 500MB packages for download per. magazine…

Wired is published using the Adobe digital publishing platform, resulting in what looks like content as huge images, two images for each page (portrait and landscape mode).  As the above article tell, this isn’t accessible through mobile devices for download, and in this day of age you don’t want to re-create the interactivity of the cd-rom’s of the 90’s.

I’ve also been looking into the Zinio platform, but I don’t know much about it yet and hope to learn more soon, but by way of interaction it looks pretty much the same as the Adobe platform. (Please correct me if I am wrong)

Here’s a high level list of what i need, and do hope will appear…. Maybe even it will, as the Apple iNewsstand platform?

1. Digital Magazine Reader.

The optimal coolness would be if there was an e-magazine reader skeleton that could be skinned/themed for individual use. This reader could be provided as an XCode component for developers to use for development.

2. Content channels

If an e-magazine reader component was available, it would have a datasource property that defined it’s content channel url. The content channel url pointed to an XML file describing magazines and subscriptions.

3. HTML5

Each magazine should be done in HTML5. bringing the whole multimedia experience to the magazine. By defining a magazine in the content channel url  it was made available for download as a compressed package. Thus making it available offline.

This is my wish list of main features! and I am sure this would be useful to a lot of publishers.

Go Create!

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2 Responses to “In search for tablet magazine platforms”

  1. Mark Hilton says:

    I completely agree. Interested in being part of a solution?

  2. Would love to, but the day just doesn’t have enough hours to squeeze in more projects :(


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