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C# Facebook SDK

A new C# Facebook SDK makes it easy to connect your apps.

jimzim and ntotten has released their Facebook C# SDK on Codeplex that  helps .Net developers create Facebook iframe and web apps using the most current and fully supported Facebook APIs.

This toolkit allows you to quickly create a facebook application, or integrate your website with Facebook, and use the new Graph API or old rest API.

Visit Codeplext to have a look. Downloadable SDK complete with documentation, getting started docs and sample code is available making it super easy to get your Facebook integration going.


  • Compatible with all Graph API and REST API Calls
  • Supports all forms of Facebook authentication: Cookies, OAuth 2.0, Signed Requests
  • Supports .Net 4.0 and .Net 3.5
  • Supports .Net 4.0 Client Profile (WinForms and WPF)
  • Supports Silverlight 4
  • Supports Windows Phone 7
  • Samples Applications to get started quickly
  • Client authentication tool to get test access tokens

Im going to check out the Windows Phone 7 support.

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One Response to “C# Facebook SDK”

  1. Marco says:

    Any luck with using this with WP7 Silverlight SDK?


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