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xpPhone – An ultra portable computer

Stumbled upon this quite funny device while reading (article in norwegian). It is a Windows XP based ultra portable computer called xpPhone from Technology Group Limited (ITG). ITG say they specialize in research, development and production of pocketable mobile internet devices and this looks like a Nokia communicator on steroids.

xpPhoneA “pocketable mobile internet device” is a device term I have not seen before but no matter what you call it, it could be an ideal device/tool for the busy representative that need to have a really portable device for slide show presentations and light typing. A ruggedized version of this device could have been an interesting feature.

Why has it been equipped with Windows XP? An almost obsolete OS but i guess it´s just a matter of time before this comes with Windows 7 installed. This is a step beyond the NetBook computers and will fit into a bit larger pocket but it has most of the capabilities from a phone adding phone features.

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