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Mobile accessible blogs

I live about 1 hour of commuting with bus and subway from my office and my favorite past time getting there or home  from work is to listen to music and read blogs.

Mobile browsingOne of the blogs I like to read in the morning is A good blog about mobile user interfaces, but as irony strikes it, not very reader friendly on a small surface.

More blogs should be available with mobile friendly user interfaces!

I have used both my HTC Touch Diamond, and now an iPhone.

The Diamond is in every case a worthless pice of junk when it comes to browsing, both with pocket IE and Opera. way to small screen to read anything but specially optimized content.

The IPhone works a bit better, Safari is an OK browser, and for some reason web developers love to do the extra development  needed to get the safari webkit look and feel… -  If it was Microsoft that had this browser and you needed special techniques to get it to look good,  there would be a massive uproar and demand of anti-trust lawsuit followed by every open source advocate’ scream of closed and proprietary technology… oh well… digression…

My blog here, is powered by WordPress and I’ve found two nice plug-ins that enables automatic small screen rendering of my blog content without me having to do anything. First one is WPTouch IPhone theme and MobilePress.

WPTouch is a plugin which reformats your site with a mobile theme when viewing with an Apple iPhone, Apple iPod touch, Google Android or Blackberry Storm touch mobile device by Dale Mugford & Duane Storey.

The MobilePress plugin does exactly the same, but not so good. The IPhone look and feel is not as nice as with WPTouch, but it works for Pocket IE and Opera

Both great plugins, and if you have a blog about anything you should install them both in the name of publicizing your own blog.

If you use blogger or other blogengines i am sure there are similar tools for each and every engine. Go install! and let me read your stuff.

My topics of interest is technology in general, development on Microsoft .NET, mobility, punk rock and heavy metal music. I want to find more blogs that are accessible from my mobile device, so please leave a link in the comments to help me get through boring subway rides.

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