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No apps for Windows Phone? It

There’s an app for that…

One thing that has been the biggest Achilles heel of Windows Phone has been the lack of major brand apps. Well, it used to be anyhow.

ProjectLog for Windows Phone

I've just released a new app in the Windows Phone store.

Windows Phone 8 Resource kit

Finding specific information about Windows Phone 7 and 8, or useful development tools can be a tedious task sometimes.

No apps for Windows Phone? It’s an app’tunity not a drawback ;)

A while back I both stated that I've "lost faith" and also that I couldn't recommend my customers to develop their apps for the Windows Phone platform. I've got a few remarks on those posts from a few technology people so I' thought it was time to write a follow-up post on the matter.

Evolution of the Windows Phone

I truly believe that 2013 can become the year Microsoft reinvented themselves as the innovators of user-friendly technology!

Moving to WordPress Azure

19 March 2014

As of today agilemobility.net is hosted in Azure.

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Bing code search for Visual Studio 2013

18 February 2014

Get this tool to enable inline code snippet search in Visual Studio 2013

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Thoughts around the rumors about running android apps on Windows

15 February 2014

I've seen an increase of articles that comment the rumors going that Microsoft is planning (or researching) the possibility to let native Android apps run "natively" on Windows.

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Norway: The government now decides how you create your web site

20 January 2014

Beginning July 1th 2014 a new law in norway say that all websites must follow §11 in the Anti-Discrimination and Accessibility Act and the regulations that legislate the universal design of information and communication technology (ICT) in Norway. Is this a brand new way of trying to crontrol the amount of content that is available on the web?

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Nokia Beamer – Really cool feature for you Windows Phone

14 January 2014

With the Windows Phone Lumia Black update you get a nice new set of features from Nokia. One of them is a remote screen share feature called Nokia Beamer

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Motorola Moto X and the smarphone hardware race

07 August 2013

The consumer device that is supposed to "save" Motorola after being acquired by Google has been unveiled.

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The Surface

05 August 2013

Here's some thoughts on the Surface RT

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Windows Phone and Instagram

03 August 2013

One of the most missed features on Windows Phone, at least in my opinion is the lack of support for Instagram, the worlds most popular photo sharing service.

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Isolate and Fake instances in unit tests

26 February 2013

An examples on how you can use Typemock Isolator to fake instances of POCO Interfaces and some weird behavior.

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Organizing test classes

20 February 2013

  Recently I switched from using NUnit to MSTest. The main reason  was that I wanted to be able to use the Test Explorer in Visual Studio 2012. If I had managed get the  NUnit Test Adapter for Visual Studio to work I’d probably would have continued to use NUnit but it’s good to learn […]

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